Monthly Archives: August 2010

University: more than just an education.

South Street’s recent ‘DIGS’ student survey found that the quality of higher education is a big concern for students; understandably given the high cost of attending university, students  want to feel they are getting value for their money. However, it … Continue reading

Digs Student and Social Media

Social media; you’ve heard the term being batted about but you know it better as Facebook / Twitter / Myspace etc, that place you spend hours using to chat to your mates, share photos, funny videos you’ve found on Youtube … Continue reading

UK universities open campuses abroad.

Following on from recent discussion on the potential shift towards the privatisation of the higher education sector in terms of more private institutions emerging in the UK, we may also see another trend in response to tough public funding pressures: … Continue reading

University cuts announced.

Figures recently published by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) show that almost four in ten universities will see their budgets reduced this year with public funding cuts. 51 out of England’s 130 public institutions will suffer cuts … Continue reading