Asset Management

South Street offers a full range of asset management services

•       Investment advice including sourcing and investment appraisal, execution, arranging finance
•       Planning and development management
•       On going operational management including sales & marketing, rent collection, full service reporting

South Street Asset Management can be your partner

We are one of the UKs leading student accommodation managers

•       Nationwide presence
•       3,308 beds under management with further 1,158 currently in the pipeline
•       A unique fee structure based on net rents that makes sure our interests are aligned with those of the client
•       Our business is 100% focused on Student Accommodation and we balance the needs of students, universities and investors.

Highly experienced, innovative and lean management team

•       All of our staff are specialists in the market with proven track records.
•       We develop our strategies based on years of combined experience and we  anticipate problems before they happen.
•       Our infrastructure, computer systems and partnerships have been specifically designed for the student market.
•       We offer a one stop shop  approach with expert advice on design, development and investment appraisals and market research.

We have the best branding and social media operation in the business

•       Innovative use of social media for managing expectations, enhancing the student experience and delivering occupancy
•       Constantly refreshing the brand tools to keep up with the  constant developments in youth marketing
•       The only student accommodation brand that lets  the students have a voice, not just the property

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