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Social Media Strategy: How it helps us avoid end of tenancy deposit disputes.

At South Street we are very proud of our impeccable TDP (Tenancy Deposit Protection) records. The Pavilions have not had a single dispute in the last two years and The Pinnacles have only had two in the last three. We … Continue reading


South Street secure international contracts in Sheffield after a rigorous tender process.

South Street’s standards have always been impeccably high; we go above and beyond many other student accommodation providers to ensure that our residents are happy, supported and above all else, secure. We’ve worked tirelessly to build a community that our … Continue reading


Zero landfill – it’s not just a marketing stunt.

As part of our commitment to being a green business, we recently went to “zero landfill” at our Huddersfield andSheffield sites. Now, almost every ounce of rubbish that students produce is recycled. Obviously, this is a good marketing ploy. Today’s students are increasingly … Continue reading


Ten reasons to fall in love with South Street.

With seven members of the core South Street team totalling an insightful sixty nine years of student experience, we have the skill and knowledge base to make the most out of your asset. Thanks to the size of our well-oiled … Continue reading


Students: Taking the “sensible” option in tough times.

By now, we’re all totally familiar with the debate about tuition fee rises. On one side, student groups argue it will have a detrimental impact on student numbers and university life. And on the other, the government is trying to … Continue reading


Latest UCAS figures: doom and gloom or changing trends?

As expected, UCAS’s latest figures show a decline in the numbers of people applying for spots at UK universities. The headline figure is a drop of 7.4% from 2011: a significant number but – truth be told – most of … Continue reading


Financial education for students: they don’t just learn it in a lecture hall.

Every time we think the great tuition fees debate has run out of steam, a new issue springs up. And the latest might just be the most important of all: confusion. The Independent Taskforce on Student Finance Information recently conducted … Continue reading


Students at the heart of the system? They don’t think so.

Last Wednesday, several thousand students marched through London in protest against tuition fee rises and what many of them see as the “privatisation” of UK universities. By now, we’re used to seeing students out on the streets. Indeed, we’ve blogged … Continue reading


Not exactly breaking news: Posh kids get more university places.

A recent report from Ucas brought one of the classic episodes of the cult comedy series The Young Ones to mind. In it, the show’s four main characters – Vyvian, Neil, Rick and Mike – represent Scumbag College in University Challenge. Their … Continue reading


Higher tuition fees: the early results are in.

In the past few months, we’ve been blogging a lot about the potential impact of tuition fee increases. We’ve discussed their possible effects on social mobility, the quality of university research, and of course on student accommodation. But because the … Continue reading