Social Media Strategy: How it helps us avoid end of tenancy deposit disputes.

At South Street we are very proud of our impeccable TDP (Tenancy Deposit Protection) records. The Pavilions have not had a single dispute in the last two years and The Pinnacles have only had two in the last three. We put our flawless record down to our social media platforms upholding a steady focus on managing our tenant’s expectations.

The social media boom has created powerful new communication methods that are often overlooked or not used to full potential. Our social media platforms are market leading in the student accommodation sector. Although competitors are now taking notice of the successful relationships that we build – we’re by far the most successful at helping students manage their time in student accommodation. Utilising the online platform way ahead of our competitors has given us the time to develop a system that works effectively and we firmly believe that our personal and friendly services have had a direct impact on our fantastic TDP records.

We see social media for what it really is – a communications tool that gives us direct access to tenants and vice versa. Many businesses don’t see any further than using it for marketing efforts and our results show it can be so much more. Educating our tenants how to avoid unnecessary charges at the end of their tenancy due to unmaintained ovens or bad upkeep of vacuum cleaners is an important way for us to show that we’re not a cold-hearted business and that we want all of our residents to leave with no charges and a good view of us. We firmly believe that the glowing recommendations from our previous tenants are more valuable to us than harsh and avoidable fines. The balance of modern communications with our tenants and helpful advice creates a harmony in our residencies where reliability and trust is of great importance.

We have termly inspections to maintain high levels of cleanliness and health and safety – this also acts as an educational process as we prefer to teach tenants how to look after their oven rather than fine them to repair a neglected one. We believe it is vital to offer the best help and assistance to our tenants that we can. Charges often indicate not just a failing of the tenant, but also a failing of communication, which the residency holds some responsibility for. This comes back to our attitude that tenants need to be treated as individuals in a transitional period and not with the heavy hand that you might find in a traditional rented housing situation. We believe that our residents’ circumstances need to be acknowledged and that our approach ensures that students make the absolute best of their time with us.

Our up to date Facebook page is crammed full of information about everything from maintenance issues to upcoming social events. The fact that social media is public and offers a two-way communication helps to develop a shared knowledge and collective expectations. The fact our TDP records are so impressive proves to us undeniably that our extensive social media efforts have a direct influence on our low number of disputes.

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