Ten reasons to fall in love with South Street.

  1. With seven members of the core South Street team totalling an insightful sixty nine years of student experience, we have the skill and knowledge base to make the most out of your asset. Thanks to the size of our well-oiled team, we are able to maintain a personable approach that will consistently reassure you of our connection to your goals.
  2. We work closely with our partner Universities to ensure that both the institution and students are able to benefit from their experience with us, meaning that your asset grows in value and our customer becomes our advocate.
  3. Our stakeholders expect nothing but the best from South Street and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service, accommodation standards and value for money to both our clients and our customers.
  4. Working with Sodexo, a world leading Facilities Management Company, allows us to focus on making the most of your asset and nurturing the investment, all whilst providing the quality of service our students, quite rightly, expect.
  5. We talk to students in a language and format they understand and by championing online marketing and community building tools such as Facebook and Twitter, we are able to reach out to them in ways very few other providers have utilised. The powers of social media have allowed us to reach further and higher than our competitors.
  6. Our arrears and debt recovery policies mean that you’ll love the returns and reassurance provided, taking the worry out of the equation.
  7. We’re as environmentally friendly as possible and we encourage our students to be too through a mixture of innovative campaigns, competitions and awareness. Not only does this do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint and educates our youth for the future, it also ensures that energy costs are kept to a minimum, making the most of your investment.
  8. Our passion for quality and consistency coupled with our efficiency ensures that you get the best results from an asset manager for the fraction of the cost.
  9. We’re not about one size fitting all, we know sometimes waistbands need letting out or belts need tightening. We treat our clients as individuals, just like we do with our students and this means a bespoke service that is tailor made for you.
  10. Lastly, but certainly not least, the above (and much, much more) means that we can boast a consistently high occupancy rate of 99% consecutively for the last three years, and we have no intention of breaking the pattern.

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