DIGS Student

Our student-facing brand ‘DIGS’ has become a multi-layered element to South Street as a whole. On the face of it, DIGS is the recognisable name for our accommodation facilities. Break that apart and students discover a community, a support network and most importantly a real home to plant roots for their time at university. South Street Asset Management has always been about reaching that little bit further, offering more than expected and DIGS echoes that ethos.

Each of our facilities have a 24 hour support network of trained and highly motivated staff, each building is maintained to impeccably high standards, every team has built strong relationships with the respective universities and all of the residents benefit from DIGS and South Street Asset Management’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

DIGS Website

Digs Website
The DIGS website was built with the student in mind. All the information they’d need to discover and explore their new or prospective home is easily accessed by desktop, tablet or phone.


The go-to-guide for any University student – not just DIGS residents. Help, advice, news, humour, it’s all there. Written by a range of professionals to offer insight and share experience.

DIGS Facebook

One of the communication hubs of the DIGS social media; a place for residents to interact with each other and staff, staff to make announcements and information to be shared.

DIGS Twitter

A very popular way for the DIGS team to keep in touch with the residents, as well as universities and industry peers. This platform allows all involved with DIGS to network and share.